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2018-2019 Catalog 

Performance Measures

In February 1999, the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges adopted twelve (12) performance measures for accountability. The performance measures focus primarily on student success and serve as the college’s primary public accountability tool. In the 2007 Session, the General Assembly approved a modification to the North Carolina Performance Measures and Standards as adopted by the State Board of Community Colleges on March 16, 2007. The result was a reduction in the number of performance measures to eight (8). In 2011, the performance measures were reviewed and revised again to both reduce their number to seven (7), and to include baselines and goals for each standard. In March 2015, the Performance Measures Committee reviewed the measures and established a three (3) year review process. The State Board of Community Colleges reviews the accountability measures and performance standards annually to ensure that they are appropriate for use in recognition of successful institutional performance.

The seven (7) required standards include Basic Skills Student Progress, Student Success Rates in College-Level English Courses, Student Success Rates in College-Level Math Courses, First Year Progression, Curriculum Completion Rate, Licensure and Certification Passing Rate, and College Transfer Performance.

Results for the 2016-2017 academic year are summarized below. Additional information about college performance is available from the Office of Institutional Research.

Basic Skills Student Progress 34.5% 68.3% 63.4%
Student Success Rates in College-Level English Courses 23.8% 55.9% 45.3%
Student Success Rates in College-Level Math Courses 10.1% 32.5% 14.4%
First Year Progression 54.1% 75.0% 68.3%
Curriculum Completion Rate 35.9% 51.9% 30.6%
Licensure and Certification Passing Rate 69.9% 90.9% 72.9%
College Transfer Performance 65.1% 87.6% 87.1%

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