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2017-2018 Student Handbook 
2017-2018 Student Handbook ARCHIVED PUBLICATION

Select Policies Governing Students

Incomplete Grades

A grade of “I” may be awarded only when students have not completed the requirements of a course. If a grade of “I” is not removed within the following semester, the “I” grade is automatically changed by the Registrar to a grade of “F.”

At the time a grade of “I” is awarded, the instructor completes a “Notice of Requirements for Removal of an ‘Incomplete’ Form”. That form includes the following information:

  1. Specific requirements for the completion of the course.
  2. The student’s grade standing at the time the “I” grade is awarded.
  3. The time period allowed by the instructor for the completion of the course.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor concerning the removal of an “I” grade. The form for the removal of incompletes is approved by the appropriate instructor and the Vice President of Instruction. No additional tuition is paid when the “I” grade is replaced with a permanent grade.

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Privilege to Attend Class

Only those individuals officially enrolled are allowed to be in the classroom during class hours, except for invited guests of the instructor or student(s) when present on official business. For example, children of students are not permitted to attend classes with their parent(s). Children also are not allowed to be on campus unattended while their parent(s) is in class.

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Visitors who have official business at the college are welcome. However, persons who do not have legitimate reasons for being on the campus are not allowed to use the campus facilities. Loitering is strictly prohibited.

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Since ECC is a commuter college, transportation is not provided for students; however, if transportation is a concern, students should contact the Student Support Specialist in the Student Services Department for assistance.

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Food and Drinks

The college provides vending machines in the student lounge that dispense cakes, cookies, soft drinks, and other sundries. A grill with hot sandwiches is available on the Tarboro campus. No food or drink is allowed in the classroom.

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Use of College Telephone

A public telephone is provided for student use and is conveniently located on each campus. Students are cautioned against having parents and friends call during class time as students are called out of class only to receive emergency calls from the following institutions: hospitals, day care centers, and public schools.

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Cellular Phones

For the respect of fellow classmates and instructors, all cell phones should be off or on “silent” during class, in the college library, and in all other learning environments on campus.

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Children on Campus

Children are not allowed to be unattended in any campus facility at any time. Children are strictly forbidden from attending class.

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Parking Decals

Students must have valid parking decals on their vehicles. Students must park in the designated student parking areas on both campuses.

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Abuse of College Property

The property of the college must not be abused or removed from the place where it belongs. Students who destroy or abuse the buildings or furnishings are permanently dismissed from the college. Students are held liable for the damages. Computer use must be limited to educational purposes only.

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Donations and Solicitations

Requests for donations or solicitations from the business, industrial, or public sector of the community should be forwarded as a written proposal stating the purpose of the request to the Vice President of Student Services. Final approval of requests for donations or solicitations is then the decision of the Vice President of Student Services and the President.

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Student Dress Code

Edgecombe Community College expects all students to dress in a manner keeping with the serious academic intent of the college and the community in general. The college invites business leaders and industry representatives on campus throughout the academic year. Therefore, students should always keep in mind that they may have an unexpected opportunity to meet prospective employers, and first impressions are lasting impressions.

In view of these considerations, students are expected to use good judgment in dressing appropriately within the generally accepted boundaries of good taste. Although the college does not intend to impose upon individual style or creativity, students are prohibited from wearing clothing that is sexually suggestive or revealing, which includes exposing undergarments. Students will not be permitted to dress in a manner which disrupts the educational environment.

Though students may dress casually, they should present a clean and hygienic appearance while on campus or attending an ECC sponsored activity, function, or event off campus. Shirts and shoes are required on campus at all times. Displaying gang colors or symbols, offensive, lewd comments, and/or profanity are prohibited. As a general rule, caps, hats, and doo rags should not be worn in any classroom. Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to their major area of study. Certain curricula, such as the allied health programs, may require special attire for clinical and laboratory work. When this requirement is not met, students may not attend clinicals or laboratories.

Students who fail to adhere to the guidelines stated above are not allowed in any ECC facility and are subject to disciplinary action which may include suspension and/or expulsion.

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