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2017-2018 Student Handbook 
2017-2018 Student Handbook ARCHIVED PUBLICATION

Library Services General Information

Both Tarboro and the Rocky Mount campuses have libraries. Each library houses a general collection of books and eBooks, including reference, subject area, and fiction titles. All books may be checked out except reference. The total number of books between the two campuses is approximately 37,000. Books in the general collection are selected to provide information on a wide variety of topics; however, the bulk of the collection focuses on curriculum topics. The Tarboro campus focuses primarily on the Nursing, Surgical Technology, Allied Health, and local/North Carolina history. The Rocky Mount campus focuses on Early Childhood, Respiratory Therapy, and Radiography. Both current and back issues of a number of journals, newspapers, and magazines are available on each campus for in-library use. Interlibrary loans are available for materials that are not located in the ECC collection.

The 5700-square foot Tarboro library has 20 computer workstations networked to a single printer. Wireless access is available on both campuses for students who bring their own laptops. A self-serve copier is available on both campuses. There is a ten cents per page print or copy charge and a twenty-five cents per page charge for color. The Rocky Mount library with 3800 square feet of space has 21 computer workstations networked in the same manner. Both libraries are equipped with computer desks that will accommodate wheelchairs. Additionally, ergonomic mice, large print keyboards, and Zoom-Text software are available on two computers on each campus. The aisles between bookshelves are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

Both campus libraries have a variety of audiovisual equipment available for staff use and for students with staff supervision. Tape recorders and video cameras may be used for class presentations. DVD/VCR/TV combos are available on both campuses to facilitate customer use of audio visuals. Audio visual equipment and instructional DVDs are available for faculty use and may only be taken from the library by students for class presentations with faculty supervision. Small audio visual viewing rooms are available on the Tarboro campus for patrons. A small audio books collection is housed on both campuses. Audio books are available for checkout.

Students may access the library’s web page at http://www.edgecombe.edu/resources/lrc-library. From the library webpage, patrons may access the card catalog, online journals, and online data bases. The web page has tutorials to assist students in using library resources and general library information tutorials. Additionally, the web page includes hours of operation, information about library use and a staff roster. A variety of electronic reference materials are offered on both campuses and remotely via the LRC website. Electronic reference resources include NCLive, SIRS, Literary Resource Center, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Credo, CQ Press, NC Knows and Anatomy TV. All of these data bases are available through the ECC Library website.

Hours of Operation

The Library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The library closes at 4:00 p.m. on Friday. During summer hours, the library is closed all day on Friday. Library hours are subject to change during semester breaks and student holidays.

Telephone Contact Information

Students may call (252) 823-5166 and then use the following extensions to access the library staff:

Extension 211 - Director of Library Services
Extensions 244 or 323 for Interlibrary loan
Extensions 211 or 341 for Reference questions
Extensions 244 or 323 for Audio Visual services

Conduct in the Library

To facilitate study and research, a quiet atmosphere is maintained. The library staff will assist students in finding facilities for small group collaboration. Students should refrain from the use of cell phones, eating or drinking while in the library. Students should adhere to all school behavior policies while in the library. Students should review and adhere to the ECC Acceptable Use Policy before using the internet in the library. When students are waiting for computers, patrons who are not students will be asked to vacate computers. Students who are not using computers for school work will be asked to vacate computers for students who need to complete school assignments.

Library Cards

The official ECC identification badge is the library card. The official ECC badge should be displayed at all times while students are in the library.