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2015-2016 Student Handbook 
2015-2016 Student Handbook ARCHIVED PUBLICATION

Student Life


Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations

ECC recognizes the importance of student activities for retention of students. The college provides programs developed in response to student requests and needs. A large portion of responsibility for campus affairs lies with the Student Government Association. The students plan and present many co-curricular campus activities. Activities vary from semester to semester depending upon student choice. More information about student activities is available in the Student Services Department.

Procedure for Starting New Student Clubs/Organizations

When a group of students recognizes a common interest which it wishes to strengthen through formal organization, a written proposal should be submitted to the Dean of Students. The proposal should show the need for the organization, its purpose, its goal and/or objectives, number of persons interested, the name of the advisor, and the constitution or bylaws.

  1. If faculty, staff, or students are interested in starting a club for students, they should contact the Dean of Students for further information.
  2. If the Dean of Students agrees to the formation of the organization, the group presents the proposal to the Executive Board.
  3. If the Executive Board agrees to the formation of the organization, its representative presents the proposal to the Student Government Association for final action.

If the proposal is approved, the Student Government Association grants recognition, conferring all the privileges and responsibilities accorded similar organizations.

Student Government Association

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to promote in students a personal sense of pride in and responsibility to the college and to accept their democratic responsibility as American citizens.

The SGA is composed of a representative from each curriculum and an elected president and vice president. All students who pay the activity fee are eligible to attend SGA meetings. Participation is open to all students without regard to race, gender, age, creed, color, religion, national origin, or disability. The SGA acts as an intermediary between the student, college, faculty, and administration. Through the Association, each student has a voice in student affairs. The SGA is responsible for organizing, approving, and funding all SGA activities. The activity fee pays for student activities.

The Dean of Students appoints the advisor to the SGA; this advisor supervises all SGA activities and meetings. The duties of the SGA advisor are as follows:

  1. Oversee the governing of the SGA in an advisory capacity (nonvoting).
  2. Attend all SGA meetings and functions.
  3. Accompany the SGA members to all meetings and conferences.
  4. Serve as a liaison between the SGA and Business Office concerning the disbursement of funds.
  5. Provide training in the development of leadership skills for SGA members.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society whose purpose is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. This honor society provides the opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for the exchange of ideas and ideals, and for stimulation of interest in academic excellence. To be a member of Phi Theta Kappa students must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be enrolled at ECC
  2. Have completed 12 credit hours in an associate degree program
  3. Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher
  4. Adhere to the ECC student code of conduct

Once these qualifications have been met, students are invited to be members and to participate in various service and scholarship activities. New members of Phi Theta Kappa are inducted into this honor society each year. Being a member of Phi Theta Kappa affords students numerous benefits and opportunities. Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. Golden Key Pin
  2. Membership Certificate
  3. Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Directory
  4. Phi Theta Kappa Seal on Diploma
  5. “Member of Phi Theta Kappa” on Transcript
  6. Golden Tassel for Graduation
  7. Scholarship Information and Opportunities
  8. Regional Conferences and Leadership Development Program
  9. International Conventions
  10. Honors Institutes (Opportunity to meet distinguished professionals)

Ambassador Program

ECC Student Ambassadors is an honorary group of students who represent the college at special events on campus and in the community. Students from diverse areas of the college who have a variety of career goals and experiences are selected. These students possess leadership potential, communication skills, and high academic standards. Each ambassador serves for one year with the option to renew for the second year with the selection committee’s endorsement. For their service to the College, Ambassadors receive free tuition and fees for one semester, a professional blazer and polo shirt to wear at Ambassador functions, and an Edgecombe Community College Ambassador name badge. The Ambassadors participate in a leadership program throughout the year and discuss topics such as public speaking, time management, etiquette, resume writing, and interview skills. The Student Ambassadors serve as tour guides as well as hosts/hostesses at official Edgecombe Community College and Foundation events and activities, assist with recruitment of potential students, speak to groups on the behalf of the College, and assist during New Student Orientation, registration, and graduation. Ambassadors are expected to perform these services in both day and evening hours and on both campuses. The program is advised by a counselor in the Student Services Department.

To become an ECC Student Ambassador, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have and maintain a 3.25 grade point average.
  • Must have completed 15 hours of course work before the application deadline.
  • Must complete an Ambassador application and meet the deadline for applying.
  • Must submit two completed Faculty Nominations.
  • Must be interviewed and selected by a selection panel.
  • Must sign a contract accepting responsibilities of being an ECC Student Ambassador.
  • Must participate in an orientation and monthly meetings.


BUTTERFLIE (Building Unity through Teamwork, Empowerment, Respect, Friendship, and Leadership to Inspire Excellence), a program designed to mentor minority females, was implemented during the fall of 2006. The program focuses on issues such as motivating and assisting the minority females enrolled at the college. It also helps those involved develop skills in time management and leadership. This program focuses on touching the lives of females who are aspiring to succeed and excel. Another priority of the program is to inspire women and to demonstrate support of the students enrolled in the college.

Criminal Justice Club

The Edgecombe Community College Criminal Justice Club works to recognize and promote scholarship among students engaged in preparation for professions in the criminal justice system, and provide a forum for keeping abreast of new developments in criminal justice.

Edgecombe Radiography Student Organization (ERO)

Edgecombe Radiography Student Organization is an educational organization for full-time program radiography students. The objectives of ERO are to promote professional growth and leadership characteristics by participation in community projects and professional activities, encouraging membership prior to graduation. Continuing education is required for professional certification and membership and participation at professional meetings is the best practice for obtaining continuing education credits. It also allows for a peer support group and the opportunity to experience local, state and national professional activities and seminars.

ERO raises funds to support professional and graduate activities, encouraging team work and enhancing leadership skills.


EMPAC (Empowering Males with a Purpose to Achieve and Celebrate) is a mentoring program that empowers minority males to assist one another with the development and enhancement of maturity skills needed to be role models at home, in school, and in the community. EMPAC hosts workshops and assists in community service projects. The goals of EMPAC are as follows:

  1. Increase retention and graduation
  2. Increase personal development
  3. Raise social and civic awareness
  4. Promote leadership development
  5. Promote cultural awareness and diversity
  6. Access resources to meet life’s challenges

Health Information Technology (HIT) Society for Students and Alumni

The purpose of this society is to enhance and support the lifelong learning process of students and professionals in Health Information Management Association (HIMA) with a vision of quality and customer satisfaction.

The following goals guide the work of the society:

  1. To establish a mentoring program for the sharing of educational and professional life experiences between alumni and HIT students.
  2. To maintain an effective and timely communication exchange regarding the dynamic changes in the profession and impact of those changes on the HIT educational program through a variety of mediums. Those mediums include an online discussion forum, email, the HIT Society Newsletter, and HIT Web site development.
  3. To provide financial support through the HIT Society Educational/Scholarship Program, which assists dedicated students desiring to enter the Health Information field and supports leading edge educational offerings.
  4. To establish a viable medium for collecting and maintaining measurable data concerning ECC HIT graduates through continued contact.
  5. To provide a local medium for coordinating education events through informal roundtable discussions and/or formal workshops/seminars based upon immediate identified needs.
  6. To provide an ongoing mechanism for “consumers” of the ECC HIT program to have direct input in continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the program.

Human Services Organization

The ECC Organization for Human Services is an educational organization for students interested in human services issues. The objectives of this organization include creating a professional network for Human Services students and graduates; providing students with a peer support group; encouraging students to become active in human services prior to graduation by volunteering in the community and coordinating education programs; allowing students to offer informative presentations and workshops to ECC and the public; and enabling students to be a part of a statewide, regional, and national human services organization.

International Club

The purpose of the International Club is to promote global and cultural awareness among the ECC community, to encourage students from other cultures to share their cultures with our community, to foster acceptance of students with diverse backgrounds, and to raise community awareness by providing learning opportunities and resources about issues of global importance. Membership is open to all interested parties.

Phi Beta Lambda

PHI BETA LAMBDA is the national organization for all students in post-secondary schools and colleges enrolled in programs designed to develop vocational and professional competencies and who accept the purpose of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) and subscribe to its creed. The purpose of the organization is to: “…provide opportunities for post-secondary and college students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education. Phi Beta Lambda is an integral part of the instructional program and, in addition, promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility.”

PBL is open to all degree majors.

Student Association of Medical Assisting

The Student Association of Medical Assisting was developed to provide a professional representation of the college where medical assisting students can unite and actively participate to promote the advocacy for quality patient-centered healthcare. This club meets once a month except during holidays or when the college is closed. The Student Association of Medical Assisting gives students an opportunity for leadership in their program of study.”

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association is an educational organization for students in the Nursing Program. The purpose of this association is to unite the nursing student body in service to the school and community; to work toward public understanding, acceptance, and support of the nursing students of ECC; to foster the highest standards of professionalism among the nursing students; and to be a source of support and help to one another.

Surgical Technology Student Association

The membership of the Surgical Technology Student Association consists of students in the Surgical Technology program. The goals of the association include: to promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards health care, to represent the surgical technology student to the consumer, institutions and other organizations, to facilitate the students’ responsibilities for contributing to Surgical Technology education, and to provide an avenue to raise funds for projects and educational opportunities while enrolled in the program.

Veteran Student Association

The Veteran Student Association (VSA) is composed of ECC students who promote academic achievement and camaraderie among the veteran population. One of the primary objectives of the organization is to provide opportunities for veterans to seek assistance concerning various academic or student life issues.

VSA members volunteer their services along with other ECC organizations to engage in campus sponsored events that are open to both students and the general public. Membership is open to all individuals who are currently serving or have served in the military. The VSA meets once a month with the exception of holidays and regularly scheduled breaks.

Fundraising Policy for Clubs

Any student club or organization that wishes to raise funds must have the fund-raising event approved in advance by the Vice President of Student Services. An Edgecombe Community College “Fund-Raising Request Form” must be completed and submitted to the Vice President of Student Services at least two weeks prior to the planned event. No club or organization can have more than two fundraisers per year. Any exceptions must be approved by the President. All flyers or other announcements must include the date they were approved.

Student Lounge

The student lounge area is a place to meet, eat, and relax during leisure moments. Information such as employment opportunities, social and recreational events, and student government activities may be posted in the lounge but must be approved in advance by the Student Services Department. Any complaints concerning vending machine service should be directed to the Business Office. Computers, with Internet access, are also available in the student lounge.