May 28, 2023  
2021-2022 Catalog 





Dr. Gregory McLeod President
  B.A.Ed., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill;  
  M.Ed., North Carolina State University;  
  Ph.D., Barry University  
Debbie Batten Vice President of Finance and Administration
  A.A.S., Hardbarger Jr. College;
  A.A., Johnston Community College;
  B.S.B.E., East Carolina University
Michael Jordan Vice President of Student Services
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University
Bruce Panneton Interim Vice President of Instruction/Dean of Health Sciences

B.S., M.S., East Carolina University


Faculty and Staff

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Aaron Achillees Instructor, Information Technology Studies
  B.S., MBA, East Carolina University
Billy Arp Evening Director, Rocky Mount Campus
  B.A., North Carolina Central University
Paige Ashman Administrative Assistant, Foundation
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College  
Neil Baker Director, Computer Services
  A.A.S., Martin Community College;
  B.S., M.S., East Carolina University
Susan Barkalow Director, Human Resources
  B.S., Frostburg State University;
Earlie Barnes Instructor, Nursing
  B.S.N., East Carolina University;
  M.S.N., University of Phoenix
Kathleen Basile Instructor, Social Sciences
  A.A.S., Tompkins Cortland Community College
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University
Mary Tom Bass Director, Public Information
  B.A., UNC-Chapel Hill; M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
Denise Batts Instructor, Information Technology
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan;
  M.I.S., University of Phoenix
Candice Bissette Instructor, Nursing
  A.A.S., Nash Community College
  B.S.N., University of Mount Olive
  M.S.N., Duke University
Teresa Bottoms Counselor
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College;
  M.S., Liberty University
Alma Bracete Instructor, Anatomy & Physiology/Chemistry
  B.S., University of Puerto Rico;
  Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Thomas Bracy Student Succes Center Coordinator
  B.S., Fayetteville State University;
  M.A., University of Phoenix;
  Post-graduate coursework, University of Phoenix
Joshua Briggs Instructor, Facilities Maintenance Worker
  Certificate, A.A.S., Pitt Community College
John Butts Coordinator, Maintenance Services - Tarboro
Kimberly Byron-Barnes Program Chair/Instructor, Medical Assisting and Medical Office Administration
  A.A.S., Nash Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Alson Carroll Program Chair/Instructor, Automotive Technology
  B.S., East Carolina University
Jordan Carter Instructor, Mathematics
  B.S., Barton College;  
  M.A., East Carolina University  
Brittany Cherry Instructor, Nursing
  B.S.N., M.S.N., East Carolina University
Trey Cherry Department Chair/Instructor,
  Information Technology Studies
  A.A., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S.B.A., M.S., Graduate Certificate-Computer Network Professional, East Carolina University;
  AccessData Certified Examiner; AccessData Mobile Examiner;
  CompTIA-A+ Certified Professional; EC Council-Certified Ethical Hacker;
  Microsoft Certified Master Application Specialist
Lorrie Coltraine Instructor, English
  B.A., M.A., East Carolina University
Patricia Copeland Instructor, Developmental Mathematics
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University
Ryan Cox Department Chair/Instructor, Criminal Justice
  B.S., Western Carolina University;  
  M.A., Keiser University;  
  Graduate Certificate, Appalachian State University  
Gail Craft Accounting Technician, Receivables/HR
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Shawn Dawes Early College Liaison/High School Coordinator
  B.S., M.S., East Carolina University
Jason Deans College and Career Readiness Data, High School Equivalency, and Research Specialist
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University  
Ami Denton Instructor, Nursing
  A.D.N., Sandhills Community College;  
  B.S., B.S.N., Appalachian State University;  
  M.S.N., East Carolina University  
Jennifer Derby Instructor, Early Childhood Education
  B.S., Southern Illinois University;
  M.A.Ed., University of Houston-Victoria
Casaundra Dixon-Smith Administrative Assistant - Student Success Center
  B.A., University of North Carolina - Greensboro;
  Continuing Studies, East Carolina University
Meosha Draughn-Bellamy Administrative Assistant - Student Services
  B.S., North Carolina Central University  
Desiree Duncan Program Chair/Instructor, Radiography
  A.A.S., Pennsylvania College of Technology;
  B.S., Misericordia University;
  Graduate Course Work, Antioch University McGregor;
  M.S.A., Central Michigan University
Cathy Dupree Registrar
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Gary Eatmon Instructor/Medical Office Administration/Office Administration
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., Atlantic Christian College
Kienesha Ebron Administrative Assistant, Student Services
  Coursework, Edgecombe Community College;
  A.A., A.A.S., Wilson Community College;
  B.S., Barton College
Katelyn Edmondson Instructor, Business Administration
  Coursework, Meredith College;
  B.S. North Carolina State University;
  M.B.A., East Carolina University
Johnica Ellis-Kiser Program Chair/Instructor,
  Accounting/Business Administration/Entrepreneurship/
  Hunting & Shooting Sports Management/Supply Chain Management
  B.S., North Carolina State University; M.B.A.,
  Ed.D, East Carolina University
Angela Estes Financial Aid Advisor/VA Coordinator
  M. Ed., B.S., Middle Tennesse State University
Nacole Everette Program Chair/Instructor, Health Information Technology
  B.S., M.S., Graduate Certificate-Health Informatics, East Carolina University;
  Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)
Virginia Everette Custodian
Monika Fleming Program Chair/Instructor, Historic Preservation
  B.A., M.A., East Carolina University;
  Additional Graduate Course Work, East Carolina University
Tim Fox Porter/Groundskeeper
Tamara Frank-Pourvady Professional Tutor
  B.S., Guilford College; Additional Study, Alliance Francaise;
  Graduate Certificate-Community College Teaching,
  M.Ed., North Carolina State University
Debra Glover Administrative Assistant II, Curriculum-Tarboro Campus
  Course Work, Nash Community College, Wilson Community College;
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Carla Gray Instructor, Health Information Technology
  B.S., East Carolina University;
  AHIMA Certified ICD 10 Coding Trainer;
  AHIMA Certified Coding Specialist (CCS);
  Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)
Sharon Green Administrative Assistant II, Rocky Mount
  B.A., Saint Augustine’s College
Dennis Hackett Director, Customized Training
  Diploma, North Carolina State University;  
  B.S., Northeastern University  
Jeannie Hale Instructor, Health Occupations
  A.D.N., Edgecombe Community College
Davon Hannon Success Coach
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., East Carolina University
Meredith Harrell Accounting Technician, Payables
  A.A.S., Wilson Community College
Brittany Harrelson Administrative Assistant II, Community, and Corporate Development
  A.A.S., A.A., Edgecombe Community College
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Viola Harris Administrative Assistant II, College & Career Readiness
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Kimberly Hayes Department Chair/Instructor, Social Sciences
  B.S., M.A., Gerontology Certificate, Additional Graduate Work, East Carolina University
Tracy Hayes Instructor, English & Humanities
  B.A., M.A., North Carolina State University, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Brad Hill Network Administrator
  A.A.S.-Networking Technology, A.A.S.-Internet Technology
  Edgecombe Community College
Sylvia Hinton-Grant Human Resources Development Coordinator
  B.A., Shaw University;
  M.S., Capella University
Nancy Hobbs Counselor
  A.A.S., Nash Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College;
  M.A., Liberty University
Burton Holderness Evening Librarian
  B.F.A., University of North Carolina - Greensboro;
  M.L.S., East Carolina University
Debra Hornbacher Clinical Coordinator/Instructor, Radiography
  B.S., M.S., Minot State University  
Sheila Hoskins Executive Director, Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness
  B.S.B.A., M.B.A., East Carolina University
Teresa Howell Department Chair/Instructor, English and Humanities
  B.A. English, B.A. Communications, M.A., East Carolina University

Gwen Hyman

Program Assistant, Lifelong Learning
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Myra Hyman Instructor, Cosmetology/Esthetics
  Cosmetology Diploma, Fayetteville State University
Neil Jeansonne Instructor, Biology
  B.S., M.S., Louisiana State University-New Orleans;
  Ph.D., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Julie Jelks Library Technician
Carmen Johnson Custodian
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Jessie Jones Custodian
  Diplomas, Halifax Community College
Shawna Jones Online Content Manager
  A.A.S., Nash Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Christine Keel Instructor, Health Information Technology
  B.A., B.S., M.S., Graduate Certificate-Health Informatics, East Carolina University
  Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)
Thomas Killoran Department Chair/Instructor, Mathematics
  B.S., the University of New York at Cortland;
  M.S., Syracuse University
Tim King Program Chair/Respiratory Therapy
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.A.S., M.B.A., Mount Olive College;
  Graduate Course Work, Fayetteville State University
Aric Kipp PC Lan Technician
  A.A.S, Edgecombe Community College
Barbara Knopp Director, Nursing
  B.S.N., M.S.N., West Virginia University
April Lamm Financial Aid Advisor
  A.A.S., Wilson Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Loretta Langley Instructor, Nursing
  B.S.N., M.A.Ed., East Carolina University;
  M.S.N., Walden University
Brenda Lewis Instructor, English
  B.S., Barton College;
  M.A., East Carolina University
Francine Long Instructor, Mathematics
  B.S., the State University of New York at Oswego;
  M.A., East Carolina University
Nancy Lovett Accounting Technician, Payables
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Kim Lucas Administrative Assistant II, Health Sciences
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Sandra Lucas Instructor, CT/MRI
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Warren Lynch Instructor, Welding
  Certificate, Halifax Community College  
Latasha Manley Instructor, Cosmetology
  Diploma, Edgecombe Community College;
  NC Licensed Cosmetologist, NC Licensed Cosmetology Instructor
  A.A.S., Nash Community College
Rick Mastman Director, Imaging Programs/Instructor - CT/MRI;
  Consortium Director - ENCCCT/MRI
  Certificate, Edgecombe Community College;
  A.A.S., Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College;
  B.S., Mars Hill College
Melissa McDonald Librarian
  B.A., Mississippi University for Women;
  M.A., Vanderbilt University;
  M.L.S., Peabody College-Vanderbilt University
Sherlock McDougald Director, Financial Aid
  B.S., Saint Augustine’s University;
  M.B.A., Strayer University
Rufus McKoy Instructor, Barbering
  Cosmetology Certificate, New Image Beauty Academy;
  Barbering Certificate, Richmond Barber College
Carole Mehle Instructor, English
  B.A., the University of North Carolina at Wilmington;
  M.A., East Carolina University
Belinda Myers Payroll Technician
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Jennifer Norville Instructor, Health Occupations
  B.S., the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Laura Otrimski Instructor, Psychology/Distance Learning Administrator
  B.S., East Carolina University;
  M.S., University of Phoenix
Johanna Owens Instructor, English
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University  
Michelle Owens Administrative Assistant II, Small Business Center/Faculty
  A.A.S. Business Computer Programming,
  A.A.S. Business Administration, Pitt Community College
Raymond Pachnar Logistics Coordinator/Equipment Coordinator
  A.A., Edgecombe Community College
Deborah Parisher Director, Library Services
  B.S., M.L.S., East Carolina University
Doug Parrish Department Chair/Instructor, Industrial & Mechanical Trades
  A.D.A., Beaufort County Community College;
  B.S., M.A.Ed., East Carolina University;
  Certified Production Technician, Manufacturing Skills Standards Council
Stacey Patterson Graphic Artist
  A.A.S., Pitt Community College;
  B.F.A., East Carolina University
Renee Pearson Program Chair/Instructor, Human Services Technology
  B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., East Carolina University
Joshua Pendergraft Director - Clinical Education/Instructor 
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;  
  B.S., the University of North Carolina at Charlotte  
Samanthia Phillips Dean of Students
  B.A., East Carolina University;
  M.Ed., University of Phoenix
Vanessa Pierce Computer Systems/Datatel Administrator
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Adrian Ramsey-Franco Executive Assistant to the President/HR Support
  A.A.S., Roanoke-Chowan Community College
  B.S., Chowan University
  M.A., Rutgers University
Brenda Rease Custodian
Ashley Reason Instructor, Accounting
  B.S.A., M.S.A., East Carolina University
Joseph Reeves Instructor, Accounting/Business Administration
  B.A., Wake Forest University;
  M.B.A., M.S., East Carolina University;
  L.L. M., Saint Thomas University;
  Graduate Course Work, Northcentral University
  Graduate Course Work, Taft Law School
Camille Richardson Counselor
  A.A.S., Beaufort Community College;
  B.S., University of Mount Olive;
  M. S., Capella University
Lynwood Roberson Director, College Foundation
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Tony Rook Dean of Enrollment Management
  B.S., B.S.W., M.S.W., East Carolina University
Karin Ruffin Instructor, Mathematics
  B.S., North Carolina A&T University;
  M.A. Ed., East Carolina University
Crystal Saunders Department Chair/Instructor-Science Health and PE
  B.S., Elizabeth City State University;
  M.S., Post-Masters Certificate, Capella University;
  M.S., Hampton University
Carl Shearin Custodian
Deanne Shearon Clinical Instructor, Radiography
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  Nuclear Medicine Certificate, Pitt Community College;
  B.S., Florida Hospital College of Health Science
Carolyn Sherrill Program Chair, Barbering/Cosmetic Arts
  Cosmetology Diploma, Mitchell’s Academy
Suzi Shippen Program Chair/Instructor, Surgical Technology
  A.A.S., Bevill State Community College;
  B.S., Wichita State University
Linda Sledge Financial Aid Advisor
  B.S., Saint Augustine’s University
Kevin Smith PC/LAN Technician
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Ron Sowers Photographer
  A.S.T., The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Cecilia Sparks Instructor, Developmental English
  B.S., M.Ed., East Carolina University
Bud Speight Department Chair/Instructor, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
  Advanced Diploma, Edgecombe Community College;
  Certifications, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
Rebecca Stamilio-Ehret Instructor, Physics/Industrial Trades
  B.S., M.S., Appalachian State University
Michael Starling Dean, Business, Industry, and Technologies
  B.S., East Carolina University;
  M.A., Liberty University
Mary Stocks Department Chair/Instructor, Early Childhood Education/School Age Development
  B.S., the University of North Carolina at Greensboro;
  M.S., East Carolina University
Kevin Strickland Instructor, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
  Diplomas, Automotive Technology and Auto Body Repair,
  Edgecombe Community College
Donna Sullivan Clinical Instructor, Radiography/Instructor, Mammography
  A.S., Mount Olive College;
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Sherrod Sumner Success Center Coordinator
  B.S., Shaw University
  M.A. Ed., East Carolina University 
Desmond Sykes Instructor, College & Career Readiness
  B.A., North Carolina Wesleyan College;
  M.Div., Liberty University
Heather Talbot Assistant to the Vice President for Instruction
  Course Work, Edgecombe Community College, Nash Community College,
  Randolph Community College, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Bernie Taylor Coordinator, Law Enforcement In-Service Training/
  Director, Basic Law Enforcement Training
  BLET Certificate, Wilson Community College
Julie Thomas Administrative Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness
  B.A., Furman University;
  M.A., College of William and Mary
Pamela Twitty Controller
  B.S., Saint Augustine’s University; 
  M.B.A., Meredith College
Tangala Tyler Instructor, Cosmetology
  Diploma, Edgecombe Community College;
  Cosmetology Instructor Certificate, Edgecombe Community College
Julie Walker Clinical Coordinator/Instructor - Medical Assisting
  A.A.S., Nash Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
Lia Walker Instructor, Biology
  B.S., M.S., East Carolina University


Tiara Ward Staff Accountant
       B.S., Barton College  
       M.A., Strayer University  
LaShawnda Washington Director, College & Career Readiness
  B.A., B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College
  M.S., Central Michigan University;
  M.S., Capella University
Kathy Webb Director, Lifelong Learning
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University
Rhonda Wells Continuing Education Registrar
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College
Gloria Whitaker
Accounts Receivable Accounting Technician
  B.S., North Carolina A & T State University;
  M.S., Capella University


Jimmie Williams Maintenance Technician
Merdikae Williams Instructor, Manufacturing Technologies
  Diploma, ECPI School of Technology;
  Diploma, Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., North Carolina A&T State University
Sheryll Wood Dean of Arts and Sciences
  B.S., M.A., East Carolina University;
  Post Graduate Studies, North Carolina State University
Wykiki Woodard Administrative Assistant - Student Services
  A.A., A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S., Fayetteville State University
Arnold Worsley IT Distance Learning Administrator
  Professional Diploma, Berklee College of Music;
  A.A.S., Edgecombe Community College;
  B.S.B.E., East Carolina University